"I was very impressed with the results of the searches Lakshya conducted on our behalf. The candidate records that scored highest in each search were indeed the most suitable and saved us considerable time and expense normally spent sifting through hundreds of records to arrive at a high quality list. I was also surprised to determine that the records were listed in very close to the same order that ranked had I done this manually."

Daniel J. Sullivan, President

Direct Marketing Resources, North Carolina

Recruiting for the Direct Marketing Industry since 1988


"I scanned through the results. The results look good. The selection is very relevant to the requirement.  I like the user interface. It is very easy to use."

Manu Khanna, President

Comptel, Inc., Virginia

Providing Professional Services and Technical Consulting since 1993


“It was an absolute pleasure working with you, you made a concerted effort to understand who it was we were searching for and truly narrowed my search down tremendously. I can honestly say you saved me tons of time by using your software to eliminate the unqualified candidates who submitted their resumes. I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Sean B. Stanley, Job placement Consultant

Personnel Strategies, Inc., California

Executive Search and Consulting Firm recruiting since 1994