Increase your marketing ROI via the application of effective integrated marketing analytics.  Lakshya Corporation can assist you in generating innovative solutions to respond to business and marketing challenges.

Lakshya helps you answer questions like,

  • How to target for a product promotion?
  • How to select segmentation or a scoring solution?
  • What kind of external data to acquire?
  • How to use internal and external data to solve a business problem?
  • If resource limitations call for some help to get programs going, where to find this help?
  • How to improve the results of a marketing campaign?
  • How to size the market for a product?

Lakshya Services include:

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Customer and Prospect Market Segmentation
  • Data Mining/Predictive Modeling
  • Statistical and Financial Modeling
  • Profile Analysis
  • Data enhancement
  • List rental
  • CRM
  • Sales Support
  • Product Development
  • Employee Training